Chardee McDennis Rules: My version


Pregame Setup:

What you will need:

  • A game piece
  • Grapes
  • Enough booze for each person (wine, beer in cans and liquor with mixer)
  • Nerf dart gun w/ suction cup darts
  • Pepper
  • Casino chip
  • Establish a ‘Jail’
  • Pen and paper drawing
  • Deck of cards
  • A hat
  • Solo cups (at least one for each player)
  • 2 ping pong balls
  • A quarter
  • Each player must have at least 4 coins in their pocket


Things to remember:

— If anyone asks a question throughout the game, while the time is running, his or her team must drink for 5 seconds.

— When one team successfully answers or fulfills the duty on a card, the other team must drink.

— If a team member spills a drink, his or her team must chug the other team’s drinks.

— There is a five-minute Wine and Cheese Reception between each level. Questions can be asked and swearing is allowed during this time.

— Cheating is tolerated, accepted, and a big part of the game, but if a team is caught cheating while both teams are at the same level, the opposing team advances to the next level (you can not win the game this way, if BOTH teams are on level 3 and one gets caught cheating they then go down one level and must reacquire the correct amount of cards). If the team at a higher level is caught cheating, the losing team jumps to the leading team’s level.

— If a player breaks a rule in level 1 their team drinks for 5 seconds, In levels 2 and 3 the opposing team spins a coin and the offending team drinks until the coin completely stops moving.

— If a player refuses to play or complete a card, they must forfeit that card to the opposing team and take a shot of fireball if available, otherwise, a liquor of the card winner’s choice selected from what has been brought for the current game.

— Bathroom and all other NON-GAME breaks must take place only during clock stoppages (not to include card clock stoppages). This includes cell phone checking and phone calls unless the game instructs otherwise.

— Time-outs (3) are 5 minutes long and can be used at ANY time. This includes chugging counts. A time out can void all remaining drinking time (for rule breaking) but NOT during an event where teams are competing for a card.

— There is a 2-minute warning before the game is over, the clock will stop for 2 minutes and civility will reign.

— Chance and community chest cards are not collected toward advancement to the next round.

— If a player draws the “Chance: Go to jail. Do not pass go, do not collect $200” card, that player is put in the preselected jail. The only way out is to eat a ½ teaspoon of black pepper. That player must still play the game and drink from inside the closet unless the card action requires them to come out. Once the card is complete they go back in.

— If the timer goes off while the teams are tied, the team then plays a game of Russian beer roulette. The winners are the ones who each do not get sprayed by the beer.

— PUKING: If any player pukes during the game, their team loses one card. If they no longer have enough cards to fulfill the level requirement, they drop a level. (A post level break will still be had)

— Anything not covered by the written rules will be brought to the review of the HOST or HOSTS of the location to where the game is being held. Any and all decisions will be to benefit the greater cause of the game (getting shitfaced) and will not…EVER conflict with current written rules. Decisions will be swift, logical, and final.

How to Play

THE GOAL: To advance through each round until you collect enough cards to complete round three, the first team to do so wins the game. Both teams will start on Level 1 and advance as described below. In the event of a tie when the time runs out, ALL members of ALL teams will conduct 1 round of beer roulette, the winner is the team in which none of their members ‘die’. All players must then chug their beers together.

Mercy Rule:

If a team is so unstoppable that they win 4 in a row, on the 5th game teams must be once again be chosen at random to preserve the overall spirit of GOG.

PRE-GAME: Wine and Cheese Reception

Begin with the “Ritual of Sportsmanship,” a five-minute wine and cheese reception to give the illusion of respect for your opponents. When the time is up, the gates are open to talk all the shit you want to your rivals. Put 15 minutes on the “game clock,” which should be stopped for breaks and medical emergencies and card stoppages.

LEVEL 1 (MIND): Trivia, Puzzles, and Artistry

The alcohol consumed in Level 1 is wine.

Any glasses of wine must be refilled once the amount in the glass has reached half of a normal glass of wine. Flip a coin to decide which team goes first. The first team must pick a card from the MIND pile, which is read to one of its team members. If he or she answers correctly, they get the card. If not, the other team has a chance to answer and steal the card; the card drawers must alternate turns.

Once a team collects 4 MIND Cards in Level 1, they can advance to Level 2. The other team must remain in their level until they collect the appropriate amount of cards.

LEVEL 2 (BODY): Physical Challenge, Pain, and Endurance

The alcohol consumed in Level 2 is beer.

From this level forward, no cursing is allowed. Instead, try “Jeezum crow,” “Sheets,” or “Mother-father.” A cursing team must drink for 5 seconds.

Once a team collects 4 BODY Cards in Level 2, they can advance to Level 3.

LEVEL 3 (SPIRIT): Show Case Showdown

The alcohol consumed in Level 3 is hard liquor. Drinks can be mixed but ratio must be 1:1.

The first team to collect two SPIRIT Cards in Level 3 wins the game.


Before winning, the team who collects the final card must pour each player a shot. Winners can choose which type of alcohol for each shot.

Winners then get 30 seconds to destroy the losing team’s game pieces.

What Ive learned about working out…

The fatter you are the harder pushups become. It’s a vicious cycle.

On a more constructive note, one thing I have really learned how to do is increase your overhand grip, body weight pull-ups (I’m sure this works with pushups too). It came to me during a deployment over just a 2-month period. I went from barely killing one to completing 12 FULL (bottom of chin clears the bar) body weight pull-ups. It was as simple as this:

I simply maxed out pull ups whenever I walked pass the bar. At first it was super easy. It didn’t matter if I was heading to sleep, work or dinner; I just maxed out several times a day (one at a time). Soon one became 2, 2 became 4 and so on. 2 months later I could feel (and see) how much stronger I was; clearing 12 full body weight pull ups no problem.

Try This:

Place a doorframe or permanent pull up bar somewhere in your home where you pass it several times a day. Any and every time you walk by it just max out. Do as many full reps as you can and then do one more (as much of one more as you can do). That’s it. You wont break a sweat but you WILL notice a change. Try it.

Post back here if you actually did this and saw results. THANKS!


Comic Con International 2013 Lessons Learned

This eventually is going to be any and all experiences I have encountered during my limited but very enlightening time during CC 2013. Ill cover everything from the nightmare of buying a badge to lines, panels and everything in between as well as my newly created “checklist of things to bring” in order for things to run a bit more smoothly. The idea is either provide you something to read at 2am or help prepare you for your own experience at CC. I am by no means a hardcore dress-up-like-batman Comic Con goer but I will say this convention IS for everyone….maybe not…lumberjacks or something but at the very least there are hot chick (and probably dudes) dressed to the minimum for no good reason. Standby.


First up is the dreaded registration process. Keep in mind they have totally revamped the online registration system for CC 2014 so make sure you check out the website for details. Basically the way it works is you MUST have an online ID on the comic con website prior to the registration time. This is because once you get in your ID is what you will use to order your badge. On badge day, there will be about a 2 hour window where you use the link provided in the email they send and you wait in whats called a “landing page”. The 2 hour period is so everyone who is eligible can all join and wait for the waiting room to open. When the time comes the website will move everyone to what is known as the “waiting room”. In this room everyone is given a place in line. in 2013 it was the order in which you clicked enter, in 2014 the order is randomized. I think the new process is better because it doesn’t give any one person a technical advantage over another. In the waiting room people will begin buying badges until its your turn to buy, when your turn comes up simply select the night or nights you wish to purchase (as well as any nights you are purchasing for someone else) and enter your information and BAM, you got a badge, as long as they aren’t sold out already. They DO sell out very fast, like 45mins fast. In 2013 I waited 2 hours along with my buddy who was on a separate computer only to realize they were all sold out.


So last year (2013) I was only allowed to purchase during the open badge buy and,unfortunately I didn’t get a badge and all hope was lost. I accepted that I wasn’t going to the event even though I live just 10 mins away. Then a sparkle of hope came up, an email was sent out that there would be a NEW badge buy to sell all the badges that were returned or otherwise not paid for. I logged on sale this fast but even they were sold out in minutes. I once again was not going to Comic Con 2013. THEN, a couple weeks before the event there was another sale, SUNDAY ONLY first come first serve. I logged in, and finally got a badge. Now, granted, it was for sunday, lame right? HELL NO, at least i got one and I paid like $12 so who cares. Most importantly though since I had a 2013 badge I was automatically eligible for the 2014 PREregistration which made it TOTALLY worth it. And to prove it was worth it, I got all five days for 2014. BOOYA.


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